The Shores of Long Bayou Ponds and Wetlands

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The ​Award Winning Nature Reserve at The Shores of Long Bayou 
The Shores of Long Bayou is a gated waterfront condominium community with 77 acres of waterfront land, with 25 acres of lakes and ponds and nature preserve. The nature reserve features a nature trail over a mile long, and is an ecological jewel within an urban landscape on the shores of Old Tampa Bay. This coastal system, comprised of aquatic and upland ecosystems, is home to numerous species of native plants and animals. Use of this nature preserve is primarily intended for passive recreation, nature observation, a nesting and foraging area for wildlife, and as a buffer from storm damage. The trail is part of the land development called "The Shores of Long Bayou" and is therefore owned and controlled by the The Shores of Long Bayou Homeowners' Association. The Wetlands Committee of The Shores of Long Bayou endeavors to protect the quality of the water, protect the waterfowl by providing a nesting and feeding habitat, protect the flora by replacing exotic, invasive plants with Florida-native species, protect the mangroves and protect the native animals. 



See Iva Vaeth's synopsis of what has been

accomplished by The Wetlands Committee

The Shores of Long Bayou's Wetlands chairman, Ernie Franke, has done it once again.  Along with Gulf Coat Ponds and Lakes, Laurose Landscape Architects, Mr. Franke has won numerous grants for The Shores of Long Bayou. These grants have enabled our community to become an award winning community.

May 26, 2017

Congratulations! The Tampa Bay Estuary Program and Restore America’s Estuaries are pleased to inform you that your proposal to the 2017 Tampa Bay Environmental Restoration Fund entitled Restoration of Wood Stork Stormwater Pond has been awarded for $10,000.

Maya Burke
          Technical Projects Coordinator, TBEP
Elsa Schwartz
          Senior Director of Restoration and Administration, RAE